Time to Climb “The Times” (twice)

June 5, 2008

Alain Robert, a.k.a. “French Spiderman” is back in New York. At least for a day, part of which he had to spend, respectively, in jail. The famous building-climber scaled the new “New York Times” building today, climbing 52 stories with no protection or reinsurance. He had an important message for US:

Few hours later, a man from Brooklyn felt envious of the Spiderman, and he too climbed up:


Cherish the Cherry Blossoms

May 5, 2008

Last weekend’s cherry blossom festival in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden is over, but their trees are still in full bloom and beautiful. That’s why you should partake in Hanami, which is a long Japanese cultural tradition of viewing and embracing each moment of the cherry blossom season. You can go to Battery Park or the Botanic Garden, where you can stroll around the cherry esplanade, view artwork inspired by cherry blossoms in the Steinhardt Conservatory Gallery or savor special Japanese entrees at the Terrace Café. Hurry up though, you only have time till May 11th.

Zagat In Green

April 22, 2008

There’s a new guide book of the Big Apple hitting the stands today. It’s useful, it’s Earth-friendly, and printed on a recycled paper with soy-based ink. Green­opia, cause that’s what it’s called, is a “Zagat for the eco-conscious set”, reports Metro.

Researchers had found nearly 1,600 businesses from salons to shoe stores that were worthy of their green leaf rating system. We’re happy to say that the company lives up to what it preaches: they hired rickshaws to deliver 1,300 books to stores. Revolution Rickshaws, a bicycle cargo delivery company, that helped them with deliveries, is also featured in the guide. “We don’t just cover the organic restaurants and food co-ops. It’s all the things you spend your money on. There’s an alternative for almost anything we do.” – said Ferris Kawar, Greenopia’s VP of sustainability.

If we had any award system here at see-nyc, we’d give the highest prize to Greenopia. I lieu of that we praise them and give them six thumbs up (two from each of us). And we’re buying the book asap of course.

Earth On Our Minds

April 22, 2008

Photo: Librado Romero, NYT

Today is the Earth Day. You can celebrate it any way you want, but if you happen to live here or visit New York, there’s plenty of free (or almost free) stuff you can see.

Head on to Grand Central Station, to watch Earth-related artwork, photographs, quotes and messages that are projected on two giant pilars in the Main Concourse (between 10 AM and 8 PM). Not only that, but the most beautiful Building in the city is also going to be one of the greenest one, starting from today. Metro-North Railroad has completed the conversion from incandescent light bulbs to longer-lasting compact fluorescent bulbs, saving the Earth and some money on bills.

While we’re at it, Metro reports that Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, leading from Brooklyn to Staten Island, is also replacing conventional necklace lights with energy efficient LEDs.

Since you can’t walk on Verrazano though, go to the Metropolitan Museum and take the elevator straight up to the roof. There’s a huge, foil-wrapped Valentine’s heart, a giant balloon dog and a silhouette of Piglet there. You can see it all for whatever you want to pay (Met is one of the few museums in New York City, where the pay-as-you-wish policy is still in effect), plus an amazing view of Central Park and the beautiful buildings that surround it.

Still not enough?

How about a Rainforest then, right here, in Manhattan? Amazonia Brasil is a 13,000-square-foot exhibition, featuring tropical plants, recreated villages, shamans and photos documenting the life and death of the jungle. Entrance to the South Street Seaport is free today.