Art of Vulnerability

May 1, 2009


Finally, last but not least, we have a pleasure to present Vincent Bolognini, born in Los Angeles, the second of four children. His family moved quite a bit, finally ending up in Phoenix, AZ. He went to the Art Institute of Chicago and also studied in Rome, Italy, acquiring a BFA in painting and printmaking. Now Vincent resides in Harlem where he lives and works in a small studio. He says:
I deal with vulnerability. It is how I see myself and the world. Through my subject matter, the human form, I am constantly trying to understand the meaning behind my emotions and the environment we live in.
Most of Vincent’s work is done on paper with mixed media that includes charcoal, conte, ink, acrylic, oil stick and gouache. „The immediacy of my material allows me to capture the emotions that are prevalent at the time. As I pace in front of my wall with a predetermined size of paper, struggling with the next decision and watching it evolve, I realize my reasons for constantly creating. How else can I conjure up such emotions as sorrow, strength, brutality and weakness?“ – he explains. Indeed, his figures, drawn in broad, harsh strokes are emotional in their own quiet, intense way. Asked for a purpose of his work Vincent answered: I cannot know the whole world. I can only try to document what I see as truth.