Reach For The Skies

July 28, 2008

How many times did you dream of flying? Or doing something crazy and extradordinary to the point of unthinkable, something that people will remember forever. Like, say, going to the moon. Or walking suspended 1368 feet up in the air, on a metal wire hanging from the tallest building in the world, with just balance stick and no protection. Well, there are at least few men that flew to the moon, but only one that had walked between the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in 1974.

If you still don’t know what we are talking about, you simply HAVE TO see James Marsh’s movie about Philippe Petit, “Man On Wire”, which is showing in New York theaters since Friday. We’ll spare you details and will only say that the movie is inspiring, beautiful and moving. Oh, and did we mention beautiful? It touched us, gave us a whole new perspective on the Twin Towers and reminded to not give up on our dreams. And we owe it to two men, the one who “walked the line” and the other – behind the camera. Thanks, guys.

“Man On Wire” is playing at Sunshine Cinema and Lincoln Plaza Cinema.