Shame In the City

April 8, 2008

“Today is a sad day for New Yorkers and a sad day for New York City. Not only won’t we see the realization of a plan that would have cut traffic, spurred our economy, reduced pollution and improved public health, we will also lose out on nearly $500 million annually for mass transit improvements and $354 million in immediate federal funds”

We don’t always agree with mayor Bloomberg, but this time we couldn’t have put it better ourselves. Shame on you, Albany, for not agreeing on making cars coming into Manhattan below 60th Street pay a fee. We were hoping it would reduce traffic and gas emissions in the city. We were naive, thinking we won’t be scared of crossing Allen on Delancey (where all of the cars are turning to and fro Williamsburg Bridge and cause immense danger, including a recent death of Josephine, “The queen of Delancey”) any more. We were also secretly dreaming about sitting in our apartment in the peak hours and NOT feeling our building shaking cause another heavy truck passed by.

Now we, too, wave those dreams good-bye. Thanks a bunch, Albany. Special thanks to Mr. “Shame-On” Silver. He deserved every bit of the NYTimes editorial that said: “Rarely does one man have a chance to do so much harm to so many…He failed to put New Yorkers’ needs before his personal agenda. That makes him unworthy of his office.”