Smells Like Dream Spirit

June 3, 2009


We’re excited to introduce Lucia Jeesun Lee, the first artist that’s going to be presented at “Real Art For real people, vol.3” (remember: June 7th, at 6pm, at Tom&Jerry’s bar!)

Her name is Lucia Jeesun Lee and she’s a recent graduate of Interactive Telecommunicaton Program at NYU. But, more importantly, she also happens to be an incurable dreamer, and you can see it in her work. As a child, Lucia wanted to be: a painter, poet, pirate, inventor, writer, architect, and astronaut (not necessarily all at once). Now, through her video installations, interactive screens and objects, motion graphic, animation, peformance and photography, Lucia wants to make another dream come true. She wants to bring life to urban landscapes, connect strangers in the city and Remind citizens of their forgotten dream.

Do you remember what your dream is? Maybe, looking at two of her video animations – “Dream” and “One”, you’ll remember?


Nothing “Girly” About Her Art

April 27, 2009

Jessie Brugger

Let us introduce you to the very talented artist,  one of the three we’re showcasing this moth (don’t forget, May 3rd, 5-11pm).

We present: Jessie Brugger. Born in Washington State and currently living in Brooklyn, she is working on her graduate studies at New York Academy of Art. Her lushly colored, intimate portraits show subjects submerged in their own, dream-like worlds, filled with circus outfits, fancy toys, cakes and balloons. But it would be a mistake to describe her as a “girly” painter of nice and peaceful things: she is equally effective and focused as portrait painter and as creator of politically charged scenes. Jessie describes her work: My art is carnivalesque – I use the vehicle of the carnival to tell my own story. I paint to tell a story. I paint to communicate. I paint because I have to.

Are You Ready?

April 3, 2009

The wall pictured underneath is still empty. But that won’t last very long. Why? Because this Sunday, at 3PM that same wall will fill up with great art by Cary Conover and Buster Black:


Don’t forget! “Real Art For Real People” starts at 3pm. Tom and Jerry’s, 288 Elizabeth Street. Come as you are and bring your friends!!!

We’ll see you there.

Can’t wait!

Real Art For Real People

March 15, 2009


New York City does not exist without ART. Yet most young artists in NYC often have a hard time keeping their heads above water. Rents in NYC are very high, which automatically raises the cost of artwork. And people are reluctant to buy expensive art during a recession. The flaws of the art-selling system become even more visible during these tough economic times. Artists share their profits with galleries and are usually bound by long-term contracts that are impossible to break. This adversarial approach to exhibiting and selling art has run its course.

In 2002 NADA (New Art Dealers Alliance) set a new trend in art exhibition – they started to showcase young artists in private apartments. This unifying concept was a breakthrough in the contemporary art world because it not only cut the cost of exhibitions but it created a more friendly and relaxed atmosphere for both the artists and the clients.

We would like to take this great idea to the next level. NYC has the highest ratio of artists per square foot anywhere on the planet. We want to keep it this way. We also think that owning a good piece of contemporary art should be accessible to everybody. We believe that we can accomplish this simply by bringing individual artists and the public together.

In the neighborhood bar (Tom and Jerry’s, 288 Elizabeth St.) on the first Sunday of every month (beginning in April) we will be showcasing two up-and-coming creative individuals. You are kindly invited to meet these rising stars of the art world and encouraged to co-mingle with them and, hopefully, buy their pieces for fair prices. You don’t have to speak post-structural mumbo-jumbo, you don’t need to wear a fancy outfit, we just want you to celebrate “real art for real people“ with us!