Dylan Thomas’s New York

Good news from Wales (by way of Gothamist). Dylan Thomas’s daughter Aeronwy, together with the Welsh government, prepared a guide to the famous poet’s places in New York. It’s a self-guided walking tour, for which they provide a printable map with fun facts for your journey. Dylan Thomas’s daughter, in her own words, makes “the real facts about my father’s time in New York available to anyone who wants to learn more about him.”

You can upload a pdf file with the tour at Living With Legends blog. For free!

Well, apparently the tour not only gives you location of Dylan Thomas’s last drink (not to say: last supper, more adequately) and encourages to toast him at the table where it all took place. It also highlights some of our city’s buildings and landmarks connected with the poet’s visits in the city during four of his reading tours of North America between 1950 and 1953. Included are the Chumley’s, the Church of St. Luke’s in the Field (where hundreds showed up for a memorial service after his death) and St. Vincent’s Hospital where he died. Want to know more? Go to the Welsh Government’s website.

And if you’re interested in more tours of New York – go to our website. We got them in all kinds and sizes.


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